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Monday, 26 February 2018


I've been extremely quiet lately due to working on commissions that I can't actually share! I've had quite a few business/private commissions so all my work is completely hush hush.

I've had very little time to do any real artwork due to ending up doing a lot of admin, lots of updates and fixing those little things that were meant to be fixed some time last year!
However it has been worth it and after a super stressful beginning to the year I feel like I'm finally getting on top of everything and now I'm just busy not super insane busy which is such a relief!

You get super excited when your little business starts doing so well but what you don't think of is how much extra work you have on your hands! The extra work load would have normally been fine but I completely lost my sense of organisation and my planning.
Normally I would have a schedule for the week and stress wouldn't be around but the moment my scheduling ended gosh did I suffer!

So it's such a huge relief to finally be back in control!

But I've done one very small bit of artwork lately, I started a sketchbook recently that is just for fun, something that is nothing to do with work so I can doodle any kind of silly stuff!
And I tried to do a sketch a day which in typical fashion lasted a week!
But it was fun and I'm still sketching as much as possible.

It's weird how when you turn something in to a job you suddenly lose the ability to do it for fun! I found myself doodling in sketchbooks and constantly thinking what design I could do, what greeting card I could come up with, what gift tag designs... oh and what zine I could make next!

I completely lost the ability to draw for fun and for myself. In my defense I actually like most of the work I draw for products which I guess is how I came to lose my ability to draw for myself. It's a weird feeling to draw something that only I'm going to truly appreciate. That only a small handful of people are actually going to see in person.
And the best part, I could draw in a style I used to love and draw something that would probably look rather weird in my shop!
And this is one of the drawings I made!

Mango the dragon!
I used to do a lot of character designs back in the day, I loved to illustrate fun creatures that always seemed so happy! So coming up with Mango was so much fun. I started drawing him originally as a silly doodle of a dragon requested by my OH. 
And then I began to write a little story for Mango, he might not be as big as the other dragons and his wings are too small to fly but he doesn't care. He loves to sunbathe on warm sunny beaches, star gazing on sweet summer evenings and he absolutely loves Mangoes! Unlike other dragons who collect gold and jewels, Mango collects mangoes!

Hopefully I'll be able to keep up drawing for fun and maybe there will even be some more Mango the dragon work!
But for now back to work and back to completing these commissions! And printing more Mothers Day Cards! Thanks for all of the orders! :)

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Love for the Mums!

Mothers day is growing ever nearer here in the UK (It really is one thing after the other at this time of year huh!) and here at Silly Badger Designs we love to celebrate! So here's a small selection of gifts and cards for those awesome mums!

For the ratty loving mums I have a few fun designs from rat art prints and this NEW mothers day card!

A great card for any rat mum or even the mums who allow you to have your ratties and then become obsessed with them themselves! Yes I'm talking from personal experience...
This card features a cute ratty based on one of my past ratties, Poppy. She's surrounded by African Violets and Forget-Me-Nots, two of my favourites.

For the bird lovers!

A cute little colouring book written, illustrated and bound by myself. This fun little book is filled with 5 illustrations of common garden birds and a little write up for each species. A great gift for any bird lover, made by a bird lover!

For the Wildlife Lovers!

One of many of my wildlife art prints, they come in 3 different sizes so they can suit all budgets and wall sizes, a great spring gift to brighten up a home ready for the flowers to pop up!

For the Mama Bears!

Brighten up any Mama Bears home with this gorgeous print of my sun bear painting. Made to represent the sun rising and the start of something new is great for spring and who can resist her calm face?

And for the Pet Lovers!

A great gift can be having a portrait made of a well loved pet! Portraits are available in 3 sizes and can suit all budgets. A great way to spread some love!
Please note pet portraits take time to make, orders for these to be ready for Mothers Day need to be made by Wednesday 28th February.

So there we have it! A few gift ideas to play around with!

Sunday, 4 February 2018

The Silly Badger is 2 Today!

And to celebrate there's a 10% off discount on the entire shop! You don't need to use a coupon as the discount is automatic so if you're after a bargain, been wanting something for a while or are after that perfect fun valentines card go check out the shop now and see what you can get your paws on!

Silly Badger Designs Shop

Friday, 2 February 2018


So, January was a bit of a wash out. 2018 has started in the weirdest way for me and I'm going to admit I'm struggling to keep up!
Apparently all of my organisational skills from last year have vanished and instead I'm left running around in a panic.
Don't get me wrong, the work still gets done and it gets done good! I just don't feel as good as I did before. I'm more frazzled and struggling to get a better life balance.

I had originally planned to blog weekly, post to instagram daily, add a new redbubble design weekly, get my site looking better and up to date, get Etsy a bit more up to date, get valentines day cards designed and up, mothers day, easter, new products...
And I guess that's why I failed because on top of that manic insane list I also had lots of orders coming through including a rush of pet portraits so I have been spending every day working from the moment the Mr leaves for work at 7:30 until 6:00 working my butt off.... and I wonder why I'm so frazzled and tired...

Not that I'm complaining! I've had some wonderful orders this month and I've loved working on all the pet portraits, it's been a lovely start of the year.

My main thing is the fact that apparently I've reverted to my teenage self and instead of being super organised am now giving myself insane to do lists that just aren't possible! I'm being the WORST boss I can possibly be!

So Hopefully February can see that change a bit and I can get a better balance with everything and not just become a working machine that stops occasionally to eat and to sleep.

On the fun side, I have lots of new art work to share soon once it's reached its recipients! And I have some new designs in the works in general. I'm hoping to start working on some different things that I enjoy to open up some new opportunities and adventures!

But for now, I have a day of admin and desk work along with a post run and remembering to eat and drink... seriously when you're self employed that kinda thing really goes out the door!

A quick reminder that valnetines day designs are up on Etsy and ready to be dispatched! If you're interested in any of the designs grab them now! The day is looming!

Also! One last thing! Silly Badger Designs turns 2 on Sunday!! Yes I am very excited!

Friday, 12 January 2018

It's Nearly That Time Of Year Again!

Yes, the love hearts are out!

I'm currently in the middle of making a few new designs but for now here's a peek at some of the lovely gifts I have available that would make a great valentines card or gift!

1. Bentley the Bear Heart Brooch! £4.50

2. Lovebirds Art Print from £5.00 - £12.00

3. Wolfy Love Greeting Card £2.50 (Art prints also available)

4. You Make Me Boggle Greeting Card £2.50 A great inside joke for the rat lover in your life!

5. I Labr-Adore You Greeting Card £2.50 (available in Yellow, Chocolate and Black)

There's something for everyone over at Silly Badger Designs and it's not only about the love although that is important, there's nothing wrong with a good dose of love hearts and romance, every one needs a bit of that every now and then!

So go check out some fun products whilst I get back to working on some new ones that will be available from next week! There will be an update to announce their arrival!

In the meantime I'm also planning a month blog post focussing on my experiences as an Etsy shop owner/small business owner/freelance illustrator. It's a work in progress, what can I say! I think I'm just looking to do something light hearted and fun and to give a bit of an insight in to my life and my job which seems to cover three things at least!
I can promise you most of the experiences I have in mind to write about are rather amusing and very silly and they're those things that just happen.

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year as I don't believe I have said that yet!

Friday, 29 December 2017

Goodbye 2017

I'm gonna admit, 2017 has been both super amazing and the worst year of my life... I don't really know how that can happen apart from there have been two sides.

Silly Badger Designs has gone above and beyond my wildest dreams! At the beginning of this year I made some business goals that I was really unsure about... I had little hope that I would actually achieve them.

These goals included:-
- Reach 100 sales
- Reach 100 orders
- Attend a craft fair

Well... I not only reached 100 sales overall, I made over 100 sales alone this year! The moment I hit 100 sales during the summer months I had no idea that I would also be hitting 200 sales in the same year! There are so many other sellers out there who achieve this much quicker than myself etc but to me this goal has just been so incredible. 200 sales had me in tears of shock and joy because it felt like someone was telling me I was getting things right.

Reaching 100 orders was one of those awkward ones... sales are items that are bought so these go up a lot quicker than individual orders from each person. So I was desperately hopeful to hit 100 orders this year... again... I hit that and then went on to make nearly 150 orders alone this year! Now that one had me staring in shock at the screen for a long moment.
I'm not an overly confident person so I tend to go in to things with a slightly negative attitude to myself so hitting these things were like my positive side giving my negative side a good slap in the face!

And lastly, attending a craft fair. Something I was terrified of and when I looked in to them I got very nervous. "We only accept THE BEST." was plastered everywhere and for someone who had never attended one before this was insanely daunting and left me feeling like I would be laughed at or shouted at. How dare I even apply for such a thing that I am not good enough for!
But I was lucky to be approached by a lovely lady who was starting a new craft fair and was looking for local sellers. I ended up attending 2 craft fairs here and although they may not have been the most successful fairs ever they were such good experiences and I was left feeling proud that I'd managed to get through everything and even sell a few items.
A kid spending her pocket money on one of my colouring pages was probably the highlight.

So, yes. 2017 has been filled with happy and success and I am just so completely overjoyed with my little business.

Aquarium visits, pet portraits, beach and wood adventures, good food, new friends, fun family moments, love, getting gerbils are a few other highlights of this year.

Okay so there were bad parts too, this year has been full of stress and ended up with me falling back in to my anxiety and depression pretty badly but at the same time there was good and that's a good reminder that even in the darkest of times there is light.

We can't control every aspect of our lives and shit does happen. But it's how we deal with it that counts.

I'm looking forward to 2018 however as Silly Badger Designs has got a lot of new adventures happening!
I'm actually getting these ideas down on paper and in the new year I'm looking forward to exploring new options! Lots of new products are involved ;)

Thank you for a fantastic 2017 and I'll see you in the new year!
Have a great one!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Christmas Opening Info

Sorry I've been so quiet on here! Life has been so hectic I've barely had time to sleep let alone write.

I'm here to say that tomorrow is my last posting date for Christmas orders (UK only) so if you're super last minute you need to order from me TODAY. I will still be sending out any later orders until Friday 22nd December which will be my last working day of the year!

Orders posted after tomorrow will not arrive for Christmas, not to mention the postal service has been... interesting as usual in how long it takes for things to arrive!

So after the important stuff I just want to say a great big thank you to everyone who has kept me so busy this festive season. I know I may grumble at times and it may seem like I'm flustered but like any job at this time of year, it happens.
But I am definitely not grumbling about people ordering from Silly Badger Designs! Every single order has left me filled with joy and has been such a great help during a time of year where I struggle. 

So a great big thank you to you all! To everyone who has supported me and my little business this year. Thank you for letting me realise and live my dream job.

So, from me and all the helpers at Silly Badger Designs I wish you a very merry Christmas and a super fantastic new year!